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An Ode to Fish and Chips – kind of


I’ve been craving fish and chips for weeks now. I’m serious. That’s not an exaggeration in the slightest.

Daffodills and Ranunculus -

At first, I virtuously resisted it. I thought about the health benefits of not eating out so much. I’ve been paying increasingly more attention to what goes in my food recently. It’s not really got anything to do with the horse meat scandal, because I have always been an advocate of cooking at home. But it has been helpful that the rest of the UK seems to have been talking about it too. I had also eaten out or bought takeaway more often than I was accustomed to around the time when the cravings started. Perhaps all this is addictive like they say and it was simply a junk food rollercoaster (although, I hasten to say that fish and chips is NOT junk food).

Daffodills and Ranunculus -

Slowly though, it became about not eating it because I never eat fish and chips alone. I must have someone to enjoy it together with. That is a rule that cannot be broken. But every time I thought about it, I either had enough in the fridge for a good wholesome dinner that could not wait or it would go to waste, or I suggested fish and chips to someone who had had it for lunch. I mean, what are the odds?

In the last couple of days though, it has become a matter of well-being for me, that I get to eat some fish and chips soon. I’m not half thinking about it all the time like some people might be thinking about other things… Argh! I think it’s this winter business. It’s so cold. And the sky is always a dull white – not even grey. This really infuriating, hazy, bright, intense, overcast… white. It tires me out and makes me want to eat fish and chips. And when I’m shivering in the cold, I think of fish and chips.

Daffodills and Ranunculus -

But I can’t have it tonight. Because I have some salmon that needs to be consumed or else it will be binned. So, just for tonight, I’m going to have some cheesy potato rösti with said salmon. If a girl can’t have fish and chips, at least let her have melted cheese over grated potatoes. And if a girl can’t have sunshine, she’s thankful that fancy buttercups are growing in Egypt because they go really nicely with the daffs that are currently in season in the UK. Even though it isn’t really spring. Yes, there was snow outside when I took these photos on Sunday. The flowers have been helping me smile in spite of everything, I hope they cheer you up too!

Thank you for reading 😛

  • a nicely written post that Zemanta suggested. I don’t normally do this, but I enjoyed the read : Fish and Chips (

41 thoughts on “An Ode to Fish and Chips – kind of

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  2. It was hard for me to think of fish and chips and look at the flowers on the sill at the same time. I am surprised at the amount of comment on fish and chips, I think you made the entire blogospheir hungary. I asked my wife for fish tonight, really I did. Back to the flowers, they are a beautiful mix of salmon color and also light potato skin tone. The petals are similar to a scale of a trout and the green stems remind me of shallot sprouts, guess the suggestion of food took over the flowers, but it really is a beautiful bouquet. Thanks for the story.

    • What a captivating comment! Thank you John, I’ve popped over to your blog briefly (for now) to take a look and it’s a wonderful place. Thank you for visiting and leaving your very creative thoughts. They really made me smile this fine evening! I hope you get the fish you asked for – have a lovely weekend 🙂

  3. Glad to double back to this one… for the thoughts and beautiful flowers. I place fish and chips with the burgers. Every now and again it doesn’t matter what you should eat, what needs to be used in the fridge, or the fact it is a couple days of calories. YOU JUST GOT TO EAT FISH CHIPS AND BURGERS! I had one of those nights last weekend for fried calamari and tartar. hell…we don’t do it every day:) x

    • Precisely. What tastes good is good for the soul in moderation is my motto 🙂 Calamari? YUM! And I understand the thoughts on the burger too – there is a time and place for everything. I could devour said burger right now, my stomach is shouting at me! ;D

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  5. I can’t recall the last time I had fish and chips so it must have been some zillion light years ago. Now you make me want fish and chips. Those beautiful flower photos make me smile. Love your writings and your artistic visions. (> , O)d

    • Thank you Kris! Where do you go for fish and chips? The flowers make me smile too – even the memory of them now they are no more – glad I could share it 🙂

      • Years ago when I worked in Annapolis, MD, we used to go to a restaurant on the water front for dinner on Friday night. I forgot the name of the restaurant but their fish and chips were very tasty. Ooh, and their crabcakes and the soft shell crab… =P

  6. i love fish and chips. but only when im in england!

  7. Oooh fish and chips…. I totally agree, it cannot be eaten alone, it would just be wrong! I think the prolonged winter is definitely to blame, I always want to eat more in the cold!! Could be dangerous if Proper Spring doesn’t show up soon!

    • Everyone seems to love fish and chips in these comments. We should all go and get some together 😉
      How’s the progress of spring where you are? We are slowly getting some here…

      • The temperature is most definitely up! The wind is also most definitely up.. and we are having a lot of rain! But that means April Showers which is much more spring-like than freezing weather and snow flurries! Fish and chip bloggers party sounds like a plan to me! 😉

  8. I love your ranunculus and daffodils!

  9. Great, fish and chips, might have to indulge this weekend.

  10. I love the Chips too!! One way I love that feeling when cravings for something – it is such pleasure when you get that!

  11. Now you made be crave for fish and chips too… by the way love your flowers… really represent spring and lovely 🙂

  12. Lovely! And lovely flowers!!! Sunny and cheerful. Hope you get and fully enjoy your fish and chips very soon!!

  13. There is a Super Sweet Blogger Award for you, over on Stop by to pick up your award. And, if you have the time, feel free to play along and pass it on to other bloggers you enjoy reading. Have fun!

  14. I think you should go ahead and treat yourself to fish and chips!

  15. So then it seems we need a bloggers union to celebrate fish! Coley for me please 🙂 Loving the photo of the flowers, I never normally like orange but those are exquisite! Great post as always and come on spring!!

    • Thanks so much Roxy! Lovely to see you again x I don’t usually go for orange either, but these just drew me in – I circled the flower stand a few times but gave in in the end 😉
      I usually just go for cod, but perhaps I should mix things up a bit next time.. love your bloggers union idea 🙂

  16. mmMmm.. fish&chips with mushed peas…

  17. P.s gorgeous photos of the flowers.

  18. Now I am craving cod and chips! I’ll have to see if I can convince my girlfriends coming over tonight to have this instead of Chinese takeaway!

  19. So weird. I have really been craving fish and chips too. Like literally every night. But not just any fish, I want nice fish like dorado and chips smothered in vinegar. If we lived in the same city – I would gladly join you for fish and chips. Once a week!!! I hope the sky at least turns grey. I hate white skies too.

    • Wow I could not believe it – I felt so much like you could just be next door haha! What a lovely idea, to have a fish and chips buddy – except for the fact that I have no idea what dorado fish is like – sounds really exotic to me 😉 Cod and chips is the staple here! Have you satisfied your craving yet? Are the skies brighter? x

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