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Scribbling on the wall


Feeling a bit lost for words. Not taking to the blogging very easily right now. I have a load of posts in the queue that I want to write, but the words are getting stuck somewhere and I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps in spite of the beautiful snow.

In an attempt not to get stuck in the black hole of despair, I decided to do something different. A digital doodle using a surprise Christmas present I received. I’ve been holding back and telling myself I’d use it as a reward for having organised things. But organisation is hitting a wall today, and I feel like I accidentally got crumpled up and smashed against the wall with it.

By contrast, you are all being so very impressive. We’re in the last third of January and all the resolutions are going so well! Roxy has not just been sharing a photo a day, she’s been making me envious of the amount of sunshine in the stories attached. Although the snow photo is my absolute favourite so far, followed very closely by the yellow butterfly. Ziggy has already written TWENTY letters with elves on them, and they have been flying all over the world. Ginna even went and ran a marathon on Saturday (woah, yes, I know! I’m in awe of anyone who runs further than the bus stop.)

I feel like a lazy bum, so here is the result of gingerly peeling myself off the wall and trying to do something positive, albeit so quick and unpolished:


How is 2013 treating you so far? Have you set yourself any challenges and how are they going?


21 thoughts on “Scribbling on the wall

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  2. Enjoying your blog 🙂
    In general 2013 is not looking great and I’m sorry to say that so early in..but that’s life around here at the moment.

    I love your sketch by the way ! I have no talent in that direction at all..

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  4. That’s really a great quick sketch.
    I started 2013 thinking… right, a weekly post is very doable. But here we are moving into just the 4th week and I’m still at about every 10 days. I’m so letting go though. I enjoy writing posts and reading others and I love being present in my daily life and not to be thinking every moment about photo documenting and writing copy. So I say- stay present. I bet you also have a few other projects in your life requesting attention. cheers….wt

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment Wendy. Glad to hear that blogging is not getting on top of you – you’re right, getting overwhelmed by blogging is not a good way to go about 2013! That just defeats the whole point of it anyway.
      Thanks for your encouragement as always, I hope your things are moving along well on the high seas! x

  5. it is the winter months.. food blogging makes it easy on me because those are just straight forward… one thing I heard was to do a steam-of-consciousness post. Just whatever is running through your head.. and put some of your drawings in there.. should prove most interesting!!! Or just take some random shots with your phone and give them funky titles.
    It will come pouring back soon! Don’t stay discouraged!
    And thanks for always encouraging me!

    • Thank you! I love food blogging but find it’s definitely not easy. You make it sound easy but I’m not fooled – especially after that impressive light box contraption 😉
      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. Really gave me a boost… some lovely ideas to mull over too, I really do appreciate that! x

  6. Know that feeling. Just had a week of that. Bleurgh. I’m sat scoffing maltesers when I should be going to sleep! *bad idea*
    Hope the drawing helped lift the mood. 🙂

    • Oh dear. I just ate too much dark chocolate – does it stop you from sleeping do you think? Hope you have a good rest and the maltesers bring you some sweet dreams! Thanks for dropping by, we’re hugging here today (and yesterday, and for however long people want to lol!)
      ((hug)) 🙂

  7. Here’s a big Russell hug too. ((HUG))

  8. Here’s to more digital scribblings
    Didn’t realise it was National Hug Day! Hope all’s ok, have a virtual cwtch, it’s a Welsh hug.

    • Thank you Martin! I need to work on my scribbling but hopefully some of that talent of yours rubbed off with the hug too! Loving your sketchbook, so inspiring!
      I looked up cwtch and turns out there’s a restaurant by that name in St David’s, Pembrokeshire! Somehow it escaped me that you were Welsh – cwtch back (what a lovely word) 🙂

  9. 2013 has been a bit rough on me to be honest. I shouldn’t be feeling this tired until at least October. Challenge is to figure out how to look after me while taking care of everyone else at work and home.
    Well … you asked! 😉

    Oh … and nice drawing!
    Sketching has gotten me out of many a funk in the past.

    • I did ask, and I appreciate your honest answer – thank you for sharing. Hope it gets better soon and you’re ok? Let me know any solutions you uncover – I’m also exhausted! I’m going to explore my eating habits and try improve my exercise somehow in an attempt to shore up resources..she says 😛
      Oh…and improving my drawing might help – thanks for the encouragement. I love your sketches, they are totally in a different league 😀

  10. I love the fact that it is National Hug Day! How fab. Well too true Ziggy don’t be down, everybody has their blog stump moments and I am sure I will have mine again! Thanks for the lovely comment, let’s see how long it lasts!
    I am really jealous a digital drawing thingy sounds fantastic 🙂 if that is first attempt then it looks like we have lots to look forward to!

    • Oops I missed your comment Roxy, thanks for dropping by. I really meant my comment, no pressure though lol! I’m trying to be proactive and positive, sometimes it’s just difficult to keep the momentum going but I’m really grateful for all the support. It’s amazing! ((hug))

  11. A drawing! A Lemmony Bloggit drawing? Brilliant. Don’t be down in the dumps. it’s National Hug Day, I’m sending you a Ziggy hug. x

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