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Tasty Toasties: Posh beans on toast


If you are French, or have a penchant for good French patisserie, you might want to look away now. If my telling you that my favourite place to buy croissant is Costco makes you feel all faint, this post is not for you. No, I have not found a local bakery I love yet (alright, Greggs excepted – sorry, I love sausage rolls) so if I find myself hanging out with my mum at Costco, I always come home with a lovely tray of their 12 huge croissants laid out on corrugated cardboard and wrapped in stretchy cellophane. I bag them up in 3’s or 4’s depending on my mood and put some in the freezer (if this shocks you, don’t blame me, I did warn you :P).

I’ll ramble on a little more, just in case one of you fainted before you managed to click away and have just come to. You won’t want to see the photo below. Although, if you are reading this on a large screen, I’m sorry, I hope you’ll forgive me this once.

I decided to start a little series and see how long it will run for. I’m calling it Tasty Toasties and it will nestle right in on my Tasty Tuesdays. I keep making grilled things on bread with whatever is in the fridge (usually there’s some cheese involved). I then take photos of them because I think I’m a bit obsessed. So I thought I’d share my obsession and start it with something fun.

Posh Beans on Toast - this is lemonade

I’d had this tin of beans sitting in the cupboard since I don’t know how long. All I know is that the best before date was end of last month. So I figured I’d better consume it. Not all in one go mind, because we all know that little ditty… beans, beans, they’re good for your heart……… I didn’t fancy sliced bread, but there were a couple of croissants from a recent defrost. And the following often happens when I am let loose in the kitchen.

Whilst the beans were cooking, I stared at them for a minute. I sliced open the croissant and stuck it under a gentle grill. Then I went to the fridge. I spotted some chorizo slices and cheese, but decided against the cheese because I could feel my stomach bursting already at the thought. Looking at the beans bubbling away, and then the fiery red chorizo, I was thinking the food would be all in one colour tone. I remembered I had some mushrooms, went to rummage, but instead found some rocket – aaah perfect. Strong flavour to match the chorizo. So that’s how this was born. The chorizo slices went into the pan with the beans and then I threw in the rocket and stirred it in at the end. ‘Twas pretty tasty if you ask me. And so easy. My favourite way to brunch 😉

Posh Beans on Toast


18 thoughts on “Tasty Toasties: Posh beans on toast

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  3. I grew up with French cuisine but the fact that you buy croissants at Costco and stuff them in a freezer doesn’t stop me from reading this post to the end. Their croissants taste more *French* than the local French bakeries around where I live. Yes, I buy croissants at Costco, too.

    How you describe your Tasty Toasties wake the dying whale in my tummy. Now, I regret that I read your blog. (> , O)d

    • Oooh we can be Costco croissant buddies haha! Thanks for the kind comment, but please stay! Don’t stop reading! Make yourself a fancy Costco croissant and then come back! Hehe, thanks for passing by 😀

  4. I was so excited to see you posting this on Facebook – helloooo YUM alert! Tasty Toasties – love it.

    Have to admit, I would have found it incredibly hard to resist the cheese..! 😉

    • Was that you liking on Facebook? Thanks – I’m still figuring out how to interact on Facebook – I wanted to like that you liked, but what does one do? Help! 😉
      Thanks for coming and commenting here! There is no need to resist cheese…

  5. that actually looks pretty good! and I don´t really like beans!

  6. Yum! I also enjoy ‘pimping up’ beans on toast from time to time! And adding chorizo to anything = can’t go wrong!!

  7. Let’s all “Hurrah” for Tasty Toasty Tuesdays! OK, now I have to go heat up my lunch, for there is about to be drool on the keyboard…

  8. and it certainly sounds tasty from here… in fact my mouth is watering…

  9. I love your new obsession! This looks wonderful and don’t hide because you can buy great bread at national chains! I have found many that I love. You are so funny and love to read your thought process. Though in the end I would have thrown that cheese on there anyway cause I am a cheese nut!

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