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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

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FF | Just sayin’

I’m working on getting back onto this blog at the moment with a bit more regularity, but in the meantime I thought I’d share something fun and quite meaningful for an Frivolous Friday post…. Check this Etsy shop out! Opens Sunday!

Hope that brought a smile to your day. Have a lovely weekend! X


FF: On the face of it

Just wanted a light-hearted post this week…the hubby bought a silly gadget from a super cut-price supermarket (or the supermarket any German loves to shop at, it’s not cut-price over there, it’s just a decent supermarket). He left the packaging sitting on top of the other recycling and I spotted it yesterday evening :)


Just hope it made you smile. Have a lovely weekend!

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Finally Friday: Counting the days

baby sleeping

Baby girl has reflux. Not half as bad as so many out there though. I’d been telling everyone last week that it was finally getting better…then, it got worse again. Perhaps it was because she had a cold last week and her appetite went down, so there wasn’t too much stuff to come out…or maybe it’s the fact that she’s having a growth spurt and consuming more than ever this week…anyway, she’s been sick a fair amount again this week. On top of that, her mild eczema has flared up and I’m worrying that she will scratch it and make things a whole lot worse.

There have been many times in the half year since she’s been born, that I’ve wished one thing or another would get better soon… however, I always check myself to make sure I stop short of complaining. Because many of these things are temporary, apparently they should (hopefully) improve as she continues to develop the older she gets… Having waited so long for this little one, I’m not in a hurry for her to grow up.

So I try to look at it this way when I’m so exhausted I want to cry. Her reflux stops all the people adding their two cents, telling me my wearing her in the sling or holding her so much will just make her clingy or too dependent on me…or saying that if I let her suck her thumb it will become deformed or she will not be able to stop later. True, I do wish she could go down more often for her naps, or that I don’t have to plan a few steps ahead in case she poos during her feed (and lying her down to change a potentially exploding nappy makes her sick), or that I don’t have to hold her so much because even putting her in a chair can make her sick… but then, I remind myself… this too shall pass….all too soon she will be running off into the distance without even a glance backwards…then she’ll be leaving home, and I’ll be too old to enjoy a lie-in (God willing I will see these days, because we can’t know how long our journey together will last). So for now, she’s getting all the hugs I can give and all the smiles I can muster…and when she’s peacefully asleep, I gaze in wonder.

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Finally Friday | Relaxation

Some people indulge in a nice long bubbly soak…I fold things neatly into my wardrobe.

wardrobe organising

Have I mentioned that I like stripes? What helps you to wind down after an intense day? Happy weekend! :-D

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Finally Friday

I need to get back on this blog! I have loads of ideas but no opportunity. It’s not even that I have no time, it’s just that when I have the time it’s not always possible to get to the computer. Much as I appreciate the WordPress app, blogging from my phone just isn’t good enough.

So here’s the plan: I’ve spent the past 6 months since Baby Girl arrived, looking forward to Fridays. Because after Friday, is Saturday. That normally means that I have back up and don’t have to do everything by myself. Even if back up sometimes needs gently nudging out of bed…

So I’m starting Finally Friday. A short thought, that sums up the mood of the week. Or something that just came into my mind at some point during the week. Perhaps it’ll have a photo accompanying it, perhaps not. So….hey, I hope this plan works :-)

Hi everyone! It’s Friday tomorrow! Watch this space :-D


Smiley Friday!

I spent most of this week not knowing what day of the week it was. I actually went through yesterday, thinking it was Wednesday, until hubby came home and commented that it would be Friday today. I managed somehow to completely lose a day in my week, but it is a relief that it is actually Friday ;)

I just wanted to share something fun that happened today. I accidentally splashed a bit of water onto the desk when setting a glass of water down a little unsteadily (been a bit clumsy lately). The result was intriguing. Nothing special I suppose – any scientists among us might teach me something about what happened – but I’m content right now just to let it make me smile.


Hope it makes you smile too (and I’m loving the new WP smileys too – how about you?)… happy weekend!


Drawing your fears

I’m posting a quick one today. Stumbled across a comic blog by animator Fran Krause that I’m really enjoying. It also made me wonder what my deepest, darkest fears are …I’d love to submit something and see what he makes of it!

One comic that made me smile is this one below. When I was younger, I often had nightmares. My dad told me that my grandma warned him not to sleep on his left side as he’d be sleeping on his heart and that it would give him nightmares. Following that innocent tale, I developed a slight obsession with sleeping on my right side until I was a teenager. It’s all come back to me since seeing this comic.. and it’s relevant because there is lots of advice suggesting pregnant women should endeavour to sleep on their left side. Please click through on the picture to see the full comic. What would your deep dark fear be?



On another note, I came across a great #linefebruary sketch on Twitter by Russell, whose art blog I love following. Being a bit ignorant, I asked him what the hashtag was all about. Here’s the result…

Don’t hate. It’s a scribble by an insomniac. I might just get hooked though and not want to sleep – I love the idea, and there’s lots of great sketches to discover! Let me know if you take part…

Have a great weekend x


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