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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.



Today I woke up around 7. I remember hearing a car pass by and thinking, sounds like the tyres are on a wet road but it’s not rain, sounds sludgy. Yes, that is how I wake myself up early on a Saturday morning.

When I peeked out of the window, sure enough, a winter scene greeted my bleary eyes. It was snowy, in fact there was a mild blizzard blowing.

I’m following the #waitingforspring hash tag today after clicking on it and finding some humorous and positive takes on this unyielding wintry weather.

Spring has sprung – the daffodils have been out for over a week now – but it is really struggling to kick winter out! What’s the weather like where you are?

I wish you a safe, sheltered and warm weekend indoors unless you actually like trudging around in the cold…


14 thoughts on “#waitingforspring

  1. it snows in central Manchester but doesn’t stick think the rain has an agreement that it has a monopoly on Manchester

  2. Funny! You are longing for spring and I would love some snow! It doesn’t ever snow where I live. In fact, last year we drove inland to see some snow, and it was the first time I had touched snow, EVER. Anyways, I hope spring comes soon for you!

    • Thanks for dropping by Heidi – haha I kinda answered this on your blog and wrote an essay oops – sorry! I do love our seasons actually, I can’t imagine living without winter, but this one’s just unusually LONG! Thanks for the spring wishes – spring surely must be just around the corner.. x

  3. It’s crazy isn’t it! Maybe it is the snow that has kept me in blogging hibernation!

  4. Please keep it up North…

  5. It`s like that in Norway as well! about 2 degrees, snow, BUT there is SUN! ah, how I have missed the sun! I`m desperately wanting spring, winter has been around for 6 months now!

  6. I’m waiting for spring too! Enough with snow and cold and biting winds!

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