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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Tasty Toasties: Variation on a duck egg


I’ve been buzzing with busy-ness. It’s been invigorating. I wish there was more of it! But right now there’s a little lull and I’m simply going to post some lovely colours.. the yolks of duck eggs I’ve been putting on crunchy things. I think I’m hooked on the colour orange. It’s just seriously invigorating.

Bacon and duck egg on toast, served with celeriac soup - recipe coming up!

A simple bacon and egg toastie, served with home made celeriac soup. Hopefully I can post a recipe soon, it’s YUM!

Duck egg and avocado on a rice cake

Duck egg centre on avocado on a rice cake. In the absence of bright sunshine, the yolk of an egg reminds me what it looks like. What things invigorate you or remind you of sunshine?

I hope to get back to your lovely comments soon!  I hope you are well? Take good care.


14 thoughts on “Tasty Toasties: Variation on a duck egg

  1. I´ve never tried duck eggs before, how are they compared to regular hen eggs? more taste? they sure looks sunny enough! 🙂

    • They don’t taste strange or anything wildly different, but the yolks are richer and the whites have a slightly stronger taste than hens eggs in my opinion. I hope you enjoy them 😉

  2. I love duck eggs. We just got a new batch of chickens and I’m hoping next year to get a couple ducks too. My neighbor sells duck eggs though- I’ll have to swing by there. Thank YOU for sharing this!

  3. I have never tried duck eggs. They look very nice and rich! Do they taste just like hens eggs? Now you have got me hankering for bacon and eggs!

  4. Never had duck eggs, they look good, might have to try some

  5. I’ve never tried duck eggs. The yoke does look so lovely. yum bacon, yum eggs, yum avocado!!!!

  6. That’s a good ooze you’ve got on that yolk! Yum! 🙂

  7. That’s ace! Love the colour of duck egg yolks as you know from my posts! Ducks are the way forward. The comparisonleaves no contest! Looking forward to your nexts posts to see the recipe and hear of your busy antics!

    • Hi Roxy! That reminds me, I even have those ramekins! I always crack my eggs into a ramekin before frying them so that I make sure I don’t accidentally crack egg shell into the pan.
      LOVE the duck egg – you put the idea into my mind in the first place! I love the egg even the shells, they are soooo gorgeous 🙂

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