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Candy Floss Hat

Wonder Wool


OK…so I’m a tiny bit late to the party. National Wool Week was last week. But then, I was ill. Aaah. But, I’m still in the recovery position this week. The near-solid slime, glueing together my ENT passages is showing no intention of shifting. Sorry, tmi. At least my sexy voice has left me. Unfortunately, that means the only external clue to my being under the weather has dissipated, and I appear to be well enough to do all things.

Well. I haven’t been blogging so much. But the thing is, as I hinted here, I have been getting cosy with this:

Candy Floss Hat

I love wool. I picked up knitting and crocheting again last winter. It didn’t seem to make much sense, seeing as wool is expensive in the UK. And Primark is cheap. And let’s not beat about the bush, I am also expensive when it comes to hiring myself to knit. I recently bought some four jumpers at £6 each. Whereas, the total amount of money spent on that is not enough even to buy me the wool required to knit myself a jumper.

Candy Floss Hat

But in short, I will knit because I want a good quality garment. Even though synthetic yarns are cheaper, I will only bother with good quality stuff, because otherwise I can buy it for cheaper in the shops. Even if it is not Primark. I will buy synthesised yarns, but only when the synthetics add to the texture of the yarn. I will only do this, if it is good quality and it does not make up the majority of the fibre.

Candy Floss Hat

So. When a friend of mine requested a warm woolly hat, I took the chance to knit this. My head is massive (I have big empty braincells). So sorry, I am not modelling it. But I hope you’ll agree, that pompom is like candyfloss. Beautiful, wonderful, super soft merino wool. It’s also my first foray into thick and thin. And with the same yarn, I am knitting myself a scarf. It’s getting chilly, and I’m almost done. I will soon be the envy of you all 🙂

I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the good old sheepies. I LOVE WOOL 🙂 And to prove it, as well as the abovementioned scarf, I have two others on the go:


I’m also researching baby blankets, I have a plan to deliver a hat with a surprise gift inside! Any pattern ideas? I’m thinking I might crochet it. I’m so excited 🙂

Candy Floss Hat


22 thoughts on “Wonder Wool

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  8. Very impressive! Looks cosy 🙂 I wish I could knit, I’m terrible at anything that requires skilled hands and a level of patience!

  9. It’s a lovely, healthy hobby. I’ve got a Christmas stocking begging to be finished. Better get on it! cheers…w

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  11. That hat looks fantastic, what a great gift for your friend! I love those wooden knitting needles and it looks like you have some exciting projects on the go using some interesting techniques. It’s inspiring me to dust off my knitting needles (although i’m not quite as acomplished as you!)
    can’t wait to see the crochet!

    • I’m not at all accomplished. Trying to rediscover something I learnt as a child and haven’t done for many years. It’s great! Dust off those needles! I use bamboo, they are warmer, lighter and kinder to my hands 🙂

  12. I so admire you creative and crafty souls!

  13. I love that creamy yarn. The pompom makes me think of a meringue nest.

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