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2013: We can do this thing… together!


It’s been somewhat overwhelming, reading everyone else’s inspiring posts stuffed with new projects and progress planned for 2013. You all seem to have been ahead of the game, either pre-scheduling posts or mapping out the year to come well in advance. I expected a lull for at least a few days, but it turned out that many bloggers took one day off and were back online on Boxing Day with feature length posts or some even putting up multiple offerings! I decided to sit back lazily, give myself some days off over the Christmas-New Year period and just enjoy all your hard work. Well someone’s got to do it! 😉

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I’ve maximised my absorption period by pinning all the ideas and images that inspired me and fumbling around on Facebook (your feedback would be most appreciated!). I’ve also been organising my life a little around the home (which I hope to share) and I’ve been eating and taking photographs of my exploits in the kitchen (which I also hope to share). I have been thoroughly enjoying the downtime and am making plans to resume my knitting as well, before the winter is over!

The end of 2012 was one of thanksgiving for me. I underwent a routine medical procedure following which I was advised, among other things, not to partake in any housework. With this instruction, needless to say, I gladly complied – thank you for your encouragement 😉 On New Year’s Eve, I was the grateful recipient of a generally positive verdict on my health. I cannot honestly say that I have used every God-given moment of 2012 to its full potential, and with a new lease of life I hope to improve on that in 2013! So without further ado, let me throw out some goals I have for the year ahead:

  • to live by the intention of this blog: be grateful in good times and bad.
  • to get my home, schedule and responsibilities in good order.
  • to get more creative with yarn, thread, pen, camera and food.
  • to give more thought and time to offline, tangible investments in my relationships.
  • to get into pilates. (This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a while, any tips welcome!)

Thank you for being my encouragers through the life of this blog in 2012. I am truly grateful and feel so inspired by all the hopes and seriously ambitious goals you have shared for 2013. I’m so privileged to have your support to carry onwards and upwards with this is lemonade. Who knows what adventures and challenges this year will bring? I wish you the very best, much strength and great courage to take this year in both hands and to live it to the full! Happy New Year 🙂


40 thoughts on “2013: We can do this thing… together!

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  5. Happy New Year once again. I really love blogging and love doing it when I want. Sometimes it’s a couple a week or sometimes it’s every two weeks. I know regularity increases readers but at this point, I’m not so concerned with that.
    And you’ve certainly been brewing up your new years thoughts, hopes and aspirations. I’m still working on that too.
    How’s the shoulder. The no knitting was a drag but I guess the payoff was not doing housework? Hope you had some support there.
    Enjoy the beginning of 2013 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Wendy. The support of everyone in response just to this post is a wonderful surprise. But then, I think it’s much less down to the quality of my writing than it is to the kindness of the friends who visit regularly 🙂
      Thanks for remembering my shoulder. It’s not too bad now and yes, I am blessed to have support and not a day goes by when I don’t marvel at that.
      As for the knitting, I have a bargain with myself that I can try and resume once I’ve reached some organisational mini-milestone lol!
      How is the new year going on your side of the pond? I look forward to reading your thoughts – take your time, blogging reads best when you do it in the time that is right for you I think. I’m not going anywhere 🙂

  6. I am sure 2013 is going to be fabulous for you – all great things to work on! Pilates, by the way, is wonderful- I have long been a big fan! Happy New Year!

  7. Yay – lemonade! Looking forward to what happens with all that yarn, thread, pen, camera and food 🙂

  8. i feel inspired just by reading too lemons! all the best to us in 2013 and may it be really awesome! i have exciting plans cos I am getting a new place and im crossing my fingers that the one i like will come by way soon. =] love ya! xoxo

  9. There was no advance organisation from me. Just advanced idiocy 😉 Hope you reach those goals. I’m rooting for you.

    • Thanks! I’m seriously rooting for you. That is one epic project! I expect someone is going to put your efforts in the news and you will become famous in 2013!

      • Haha, imagine, gaining notoriety for letter writing. Can I send an elf to London?

      • I’d love to have an elf, or those pandas were adorable – any Ziggy penned things will do! I have been giving this a lot of thought.. I’m not ready to blow my cover.. how do we do this? 😉

      • Email me your postal address, or if you prefer to keep that a secret an address that you can pick your mail up from. I won’t be passing addresses on or anything like that.

      • Oh of course not Ziggy. I wouldn’t imagine that you’d do that! It’s just I’ve only told two people who know what I look like, that I’m doing this blogging thing… this is pushing my comfort zone – wondering if it’s time I revealed my big secret lol 😉

  10. Everyone who claims to be organized with plans are liars, don’t worry!

  11. maybe you weren’t posting but my oh my you’ve been busy! Thanks for linking to my post. I’ve watched that video many times since my brother shared it! Happy 2013 and may this year be filled with awe and wonder!

  12. I feel inspired! After just sitting here pondering the sensibility of my challenge I really needed that encouragement! Fantastic post as always and here is to another great year!

    • Thank you Roxy! I have every confidence in you. I took part in the challenge in Aug stopping because life took over half way through. But I really enjoyed it – it gets you to think of something creative everyday 🙂

  13. I hate that pressure you feel when you’re still on break but you see others busily launching into the new year. Ok, I confess I was one of them, but honestly I wasn’t ready for break to end and wanted to stay quiet for longer!

    I love your goals for this year, specifically the getting creative with yarn, thread, pen, camera and food. Can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

    • *Deep breath* I guess we just need to make sure we make time for breaks – that book club idea of yours should certainly help!
      Perhaps I shouldn’t have come up with such a long list of things I want to get creative with…talk about pressure oops. Please don’t hold your breath 😛 Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

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