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New Year Firsts (i): Woolly Wednesdays


So blogging is a journey, and on a journey you might just take a straight path, but I’m not one of those people. My paths generally are all windy and crooked. They often loop back on themselves and sometimes they lead to a dead end. More often than not, I probably don’t know where the path is and go wandering off. So that’s me. Nuts and confused. Early last year when I tried give each day a theme to help schedule my blog posts, some of them inspired more than others. I’m not going to ditch any of the old ideas, because they are working for me, I’m just adding new ones. So here’s introducing Woolly Wednesdays!

If you have been reading my meanderings for a while, you may have noticed that I love the woolly stuff. And that I have been playing about with it a bit. I got a bit of shoulder trouble at the end of 2012, and although it seems not to have recovered 100%, I can’t stay away from the sheepies and am carefully knitting again trying not to get carried away for hours on end.

In my Wonder Wool post, I shared a hat that I was knitting for a friend. She lives in the land of the recent horrendous bush fires, hence it was not previously appropriate to send it to her. I mean, it was the height of summer during our freezing winter! I had wanted to enclose a surprise in the eventual package, and have made a decision to finish it in time to send it for her birthday next month. The surprise is a first for me and I’m really, really excited. I’m sticking with knitting and not moving onto crochet, because there are different steps I want to practice. Here’s a little peek of what I’ve done so far… what do you think I’m knitting?

What am I knitting?

And why not ask another question to get to know you better? Are you a focused, clear-headed traveller through life or more a hopeless, woolly wanderer? 😛


12 thoughts on “New Year Firsts (i): Woolly Wednesdays

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  3. oh nice, i wish i knew how to knit!

  4. The collar of a sweater? Does she read your blog – could spoil the surprise!

    • I’d be the more surprised if she reads my blog – only two people in my “real” life, know that I’m doing this crazy blog – as far as I know anyway! 😉 But no.. guess again 😛

  5. generally a wanderer 🙂

  6. I am totally relating to you… I thrive on the straight path and dream wonerful fantasies about my life on that foused clear path that looks so good on paper but in all reality I am so NOT! And since my lovely husband lets me stay at home it is a good thing because I like to just let myself be led by every which wind that blows my way and my lifestyle allows me to do that. Hence my blog is not a food blog but a rainbow array of everything blog with food being in there. This world needs those woolly wanderers or no one would go anywhere and do anything!

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