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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Happy summer solstice!


Am I the only one who blinked and missed summer?

Well, we’re on the downward slippery slide to winter now. We’re just peeking over the edge of the longest day in the year today… soon we’ll be getting out of bed in the dark and crawling back home in the dark, wondering what daylight is. What happened to those balmy summer days that became the norm following the scorching 90’s?

So far this year, I’ve missed the bursts of sunshine that brought everyone rushing out to Tesco to buy a tray of coal and incinerate a few sausages. I think my neighbour is hilarious (I’m obviously easily amused). He keeps a big half deconstructed barbecue stand thing in the garden all summer. If there is sun of an evening, he’ll be out there with a handful of coal and a couple of burgers. Five, maybe ten minutes later, he’ll have zipped back in the house with his culinary masterpiece. I’m still waiting for a window of opportunity to do my bit to help burn up the earth’s coal reserves – incidentally, that made me wonder, are there any truly environmentally friendly ways to have a BBQ?

With the sky some 100 shades of grey this week, I stumbled on a link via Facebook to the video below. I don’t know why I found it so addictive – normally I’d find this kind of video irritating, and I actually kind of do. But I think I was also in disbelief at how good they are, especially the younger sister. And those tubs, they are just hypnotising. I’m going to call up my sister and see if she’ll have a go at this with me sometime this “summer“. A spot of sunshine and some fun music to cheer up this weekend from Lennon and Maisy:

Oh, apparently Wills was born 31 years ago today. Does anyone know if he has an official birthday too, like the Queen? Apparently, according to official sources, the monarch often celebrates her or his birthday when there is a higher chance of there being sunshine, hence the official birthday. So, I’m guessing that maybe he won’t have the need to move his birthday – even consulting the Met Office won’t help.

Have a sunny weekend everyone (literally and metaphorically, if not literally, then metaphorically!) 😉


15 thoughts on “Happy summer solstice!

  1. Ahh, Lennon and Maisy..not seen them before. I sincerely hope they don’t get a make over, theres a sort of 70’s retro charm about them. I can see bespectacled kids all over the land chucking margarine tubs around.
    And what do you mean no Summer? I’ve just had the week off work and it’s been glorious up here in Newcastle. Mind you, I’m going to do the Great Greyhound Walk tomorrow afternoon and it’s bound to rain.
    Sending sunny thoughts to London 🙂

    • Lol I totally get what you mean – I’ve already seen a polished up version of them in a clip of Nashville. Still bespectacled but definitely a little of the charm was airbrushed out I thought.
      So did Mischa stay with Sunny in the end? How did the run go? Xx

  2. Those girls are great! My little Miss 9 loved it and played it several times.
    Winter Solstice on this side of the globe, but was still a very nice day – just a little shorter and colder than yours 😉

  3. Over here in Australia it is winter but today it is a lovely sunny day.
    Love the video clip of the girls.

    • Lovely to hear from you again! I imagine we’re getting similar temps as you are in your winter at the moment, and from the looks of things, even a little less sun! I hope it’s going well xx

  4. We are starting our first day of summer with flooding… Egads!

  5. Dearest Lemony,
    We are JUST starting summer!!! I feel sad for you! 😦 Carry on, and listen to Lennon and Maisey!!! They are truly amazing. This has been one of my faves forever♥
    Love, Lis

  6. Lennon and maisy are fab!! They’re in a show called Nashville which I’m quite enjoying! Nice post!

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