this is lemonade

A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.


Mo Farah running away from things…

I have inserted the photo as a thumbnail so that you will click through to the site.

Mo Farah Running Away From Things

Follow this link to see a serious tribute to one of our great Olympians from London 2012…it is evidence that some of us are self-medicating in a bid to overcome Olympics withdrawal syndrome.


London Olympics: Every Great Britain gold medal so far
Just in case you’re a Brit and you’re dreading the end of the Olympics on Sunday (don’t worry, we still have the Paralympics don’t forget), here’s a link to a little feel good video from the BBC!



Taking it easy is all well and good. But I’m spending too much time in front of the screen at the moment, what with doing my part for my country, yelling my support at the British athletes in front of the TV of an evening when I can. For this reason, I’ve recently gone back to basics and taken up pen and paper to work on future posts. Here’s a sneak preview.

Does anyone understand pole vaulting by the way? Why is at least 80% sour-faced and what are the coaches doing with their hand gestures and secret signals?  There’s no commentary to assist me and I don’t know why I am watching it… 😛


Photo A Day Aug | WRITING

[If you take part in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge, let me know – I’d love to see how you get creative with the daily posts!]



There are many flags, there are many colours. But right now. There is but one. ONE FLAG. Go Team GB! 🙂 Hope you like my fun but obligatory nail art!

#2 | ONE

Photo A Day Aug | ONE

[If you take part in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge, let me know – I’d love to see how you get creative with the daily posts!]



Confession. I have been well and truly bitten by the Olympism bug (LOL I never heard that term before I heard the coaches’ oath at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony last Friday and now I just chuckle and chuck it into conversation every now and then, completely inappropriately). All the drama of watching the British athletes perform under all the pressure we’re putting on them is affecting my blogging focus…

So I have decided to take part in something fun myself. Something that requires a tiny bit of discipline: a daily photo challenge. August being a “summer” month, I think I should be a little more relaxed (yes I hear you: “More relaxed than you already have been?” I know I know). I was watching back yesterday’s gymnastics action and browsing through the blogs I follow that I haven’t had time to read for a week, when I came across Make, Do and Spend‘s photo post which led me to Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge. Take a look and let me know if you are going to join in!

Here’s the first photo (future ones may not be accompanied with so much waffle). I can’t get enough of the blue sky. What great weather to welcome in our first Olympic gold medals today. Can you blame me for being a little excited? Lemonade bubbles and fizz 🙂


Photo A Day Aug | Outside


FF : Fashion {03 Pretty Pink Patriot}

In case any of you may not have noticed (you most certainly will have if you have been trying to get anywhere in London recently) the Olympic opening ceremony is this evening. I’m all set for being amazed by the British talent. Hopefully the opening ceremony will not resemble the handover ceremony in Beijing a mere four years ago. I’m going to be all positive and celebratory and work myself up into a frenzy of blushful patriotism. Voilà! My frivolity knows no bounds!

FF : Fashion {03 PrettyPinkPatriot}

Laure Ring / Carolina Bucci Earrings / Jigsaw Hammered Bangle Set / Rare Opulence Rose Babydoll Dress / Alexander McQueen Skull Clutch in Pale Pink / Giuseppe Zanotti l26108 Shoes / Lancome ‘Vernis in Love’ Fade Resistant Gloss Shine Nail Polish

Happy weekend and let the games begin!