this is lemonade

A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Feeling lazy but lively


I did want to publish a woolly post today. It’s long overdue. And I had an idea for a Meaningful Monday post last week… but promptly forgot what it was… I’ve been missing you guys, but am feeling increasingly tired and weighed down by a very lively creature in my belly that I can’t wait to meet. Not long to go now…

I’m not personally dancing that much these days… but I hope this video spreads a little of the joy that gorgeous blue sky, with wispy hints of cloud stretched across it, on a whole day full of sunshine has been making me feel today. And this is how I feel about my London Town too. I’ve been feeling a bit WOW today in short… hope that you enjoy what essentially is a Cadbury’s chocolate advert. Ahh well, maybe Cadbury’s will send me a few bars of Dairy Milk just to make my day unbeatable? HAha… a girl can dream big 😛

I hope you are all well…Take care! xx


5 thoughts on “Feeling lazy but lively

  1. Just can’t watch that without smiling!

  2. I’d like to think I invented the name for this condition, but I doubt it: Pregnancy Brain. I swear I could hardly even form sentences, can’t imagine what would have happened had I been blogging back then!
    Diana xo

    • Haha you are too kind. I am just going to enjoy this excuse to be lazy and not compare myself to those bloggers who plan and schedule posts in advance so that no one notices that they’ve taken time out to give birth and then suffer from lack of sleep. I don’t think I’ll be missed whilst I enjoy that experience 😛

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