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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Not-so Frivolous Friday… and some very sparkly lemonade ;)


I’ve been promising to let you in on something for weeks.. perhaps even months. I even dropped some obscure hints…but I couldn’t find the words, or it was easier to just veg, nap or snooze rather than deal with this post. You probably haven’t even noticed… or you’ve given up on me for dithering so much. So, as you are actually reading this, thank you in advance for being here even though I’ve been so random!

My sister sent me a link to the following article and I thought it was the ideal way to break the news. For me and hubby it is BIG NEWS. For many it might just be run of the mill, for others perhaps it will be exciting and for more people than society acknowledges, it may be upsetting. I don’t know right now, what the outcome will be and for how long. This is a daunting journey that I have had no control over from the beginning, and blogging has been a real lifeline in helping me process life and keep going. For this I am truly grateful. Now that I’m anticipating the only enduring “ambition” I’ve ever had coming to fruition this Easter (God-willing), I wanted to share my news with you and also thank you for being there for me, friend.

Are You Ready

I’m going to let this article do the talking…
Please click through 😉

All hilarity aside, I’m going to need a lot of wisdom and strength for the steps ahead. I’m finding it difficult to even type the words and put them out there, the concept seems so unreal to me right now and I almost dare not say anything out loud. Sorry for this non-announcement, but it is about what you are no doubt thinking that it’s about if you clicked the link above… and I hope to be sharing the accompanying knitting projects that I’ve been doing, “soon”.

Talk about an awkward post..! Take care, and have a good weekend 🙂


16 thoughts on “Not-so Frivolous Friday… and some very sparkly lemonade ;)

  1. Oh CONGRATULATIONS! I am hugging you…virtually. The Octopus and String Bag Method of Parenting was around, back when I had had Charlotte some 20 years ago. I laughed until I cried because it really is all true. My goodness you are both going to have so much fun x

    • THANK YOU! Fun sounds good Ziggy! Sounds like it was doable and still is – I’ll take it from the ultimate fun-Meister 😉 Thanks for the virtual hug, hugging back! I can imagine that your Charlotte had some wonderful story times with you xx

  2. It is a wonderful thing! Congratulations. Great way to put the news out there!

  3. And one more Wow. It’s a trip I tell you. Wonderful, frightening, exhilarating, exhausting, life changing for the best. Well you will have plenty to write about if you can find the time.
    What a great article from Huff post!
    Big congrats. Is there an official non-date? Is it actually Easter day? I’m an April 8th girl and I love love my bday. Ollie is Apr 22. Spring is a great time for birth. xo wendy

    • Aaah! The official non-date (like that hehe) is Ollie’s birthday. No way! That just makes me smile 🙂
      I’m looking forward (with some trepidation, I can’t deny) to the trip. I think I can imagine I’ll be disappearing for a while – I should apologise in advance 😛

  4. THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!! Congratulations 🙂 Superduper excited and happy for you, and we LOVE the (non)announcement – hilarious ❤

    Lou & Camilla xxx

  5. Congratulations! And that blog post is brilliant x x

  6. Congratulations!!
    Diana xo

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