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Treasure Trove Thursdays : Sunshine and kisses


A little snapshot of my bank holiday weekend. Nothing unusual apart from going to the wedding of a lifetime. Full of tears and laughter, I haven’t attended a more special wedding in my life. I’m currently feeling a little bereaved because it was just the most delightful and wonderful day, but it was over all too quickly.

I was in spring cleaning (more like office organising) mode all last week:


There is still plenty of work to be done but there are some colourful and pretty side effects of sorting through paperwork. Even though this went straight into the recycling!


On Sunday, there was a big meal to be had, during the preparation of which I had the opportunity to compare three different vegetable peelers. I’ve never really used any in the style of the colourful ones. The all-metal one was mine, inherited from a previous landlord. Having more than one peeler in one’s possession makes a lot of sense if one does not want to prepare meals alone. I have in mind to acquire a new cheerful plastic one sometime soon!


…and Monday transported me to the “epic” wedding (not my usual word for a wedding, but one that’s been banded around Facebook ever since the big day!) It was truly special day for me personally, a really meaningful event that I’m not expecting to forget for a long time to come.

lilac ivy

As a real bonus, the wedding took place in the most beautiful setting, which we were able to take full advantage of  and relax in. Absolutely perfect. Only thing that could have improved it for me, was remembering to bring my sunglasses! We had some beautiful sunshine, it’s something special after the long long winter. Every ray of sun is like a sparkle of magic and makes me feel so alive.

paper bag candlelight

I’m still glowing from the beautiful day. Pity it was a work day afterwards and we could not stay on till very late as we had quite a way to go afterwards.

Did you have a bank holiday? How was your weekend? I can’t believe another week is almost over again. We’ll be half-way through the year soon and I feel like the year’s barely begun. Anyone else feel this way?


17 thoughts on “Treasure Trove Thursdays : Sunshine and kisses

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  2. Hi, just found your blog – it’s a great read : )
    I’ll be back!

  3. Oh I love a good wedding, I know what you mean about feeling a bit “bereaved” afterwards though! Some lovely photos. This is quite sad but my life was revolutionised (ok, maybe a little OTT) by the discovery of those colourful plastic style peelers last summer – I find them sooooo much easier to use! But yes, I like the idea of having spare peelers to rope others into helping with the chore too!

    • LOL I’m still looking for the new peeler in my life…and time does heal, I don’t feel so bereaved any more. But yes, some really beautiful memories to have and to hold from that wedding (not least the memory of sunshine…) 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Not sure where the time goes it feels like the year’s barely begun.

  5. Oh don’t say that! But I suppose you are right, it really is nearly half way through this year. Where did it go?

  6. LOVE the paper lantern! So very romantic ❤ But is it save to use them? Once again, love it!

    • They only put small tea lights in them and used them mainly outdoors. I did see the events manager remove one from inside the building muttering something about fire hazard under her breath lol 😉

  7. Ooo what a lovely paper lantern! Glad you had a good time 🙂

  8. What is a bank holiday? Are you celebrating banks or is it like a flex day that they couldn’t find a name for? or did you work a holiday and bank for a future date?

    Yes the year does seem to be going by very quickly! Glad you enjoyed your time off!


    • Apparently, according to the Internet (and let me know if it’s spilling rubbish out again), you’d call it a statutory or legal holiday? Bank holidays usually fall on Mondays in the UK. We have two in May, at either end. Exceptions to the rule are Good Fridays (which obviously fall on Fridays) and Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s (unless they happen to fall on a Monday).
      Aha, I’ve written a small piece here. Better tell Wikipedia lol 😛

      • Yes we call them stat days. I was kinda hoping that it was a day when you could withdraw more money than you actually have or something like that!

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