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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Let’s get frivolous… hyper even!


How can I not smile, when there’s not a cloud in the blue sky? The butterflies are fluttering about in a mesmerising mating dance. A gentle breeze sways branches that were just dead and bare only a few weeks ago and are now decked with colour. There are two things that make my City irresistibly beautiful: clean, unstomped snow… and glorious sunshine. It may have been a long winter this year, but after the cold, dark days where you just want to hide under your duvet for months the sun brings a burst of energy, and if you just let go a little.. you could go a bit hyper. Better not then.

I have to say that although the UK is officially in Northern Europe according to the UN, we do have a relatively mild climate. Our winter days are tortuously short and often bitterly cold, but our summer days are beautifully long and can be wonderfully balmy. I live for those long summer nights, when you can still see a hazy blue in the sky at 9pm and sleeping feels like a waste of time.

McDonalds litter notice - love where you live

I can hardly believe that it’s already May. Today, the sun is shining. I’m looking forward to summer, although I know I’m getting ahead of myself. But I reserve the right to treat any sunshine as a sliver of summer. So today is summer. It’s pretty much as summery as it gets here anyway. I have a wedding to attend this Bank Holiday weekend. I hope that the sun saves enough energy to shine through for the happy couple.

Have any of you had the first BBQ or picnic of the year yet? I really feel like dining al fresco… I hope you get a share of the sunshine this weekend, even if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s quickly approaching winter…


8 thoughts on “Let’s get frivolous… hyper even!

  1. It is finally getting warm here! It has been a long long, long winter…

  2. Oh it makes SUCH a difference. I did go a bit hyper with the excitement actually… the 10 degree drop in temperature and rain have brought me back down to earth now though 😉

  3. it`s funny how a simple thing like a beautiful blue sky and a bright shining sun can make a city feel so much happier! I feel like that in Oslo too… I guess there`s something about big cities; when the weather is bad, everyone gets so cranky and miserable, always stressing from one place to another, but when the weather is good, people calm down and everyone goes to the park or a outdoor cafe/bar enjoying the weather and the good mood it brings out in people:-)

    • You’re too right. I wouldn’t live anywhere else though – when the sun comes out, it’s like magic. It’s something to really look forward to. And the changing seasons, I love that 🙂

  4. It rained last night but it is supposed to be 14 degrees today, 19 tomorrow, 21 Sunday, 23 Monday! I too, have a right to treat this as summer! Enjoy your weekend and wedding. 🙂

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