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Ha-ha-happy Friday :)


What a week. The weather has been like this. I need some light relief. Thought I’d share a lovely compliment I received via a spambot or person, who obviously has a better command of English than me. I am still trying to work out what this comment is supposed to be about…

Spam comment

Oh on the subject of language, I once visited a church in Norwich on my travels, and was asked by a friendly member of the congregation whether my accent was from Australia. It was a little awkward when I had to say no, I was just from down south 😛 I put it down to the cosmopolitan City that I live in, plus influences from friends. After all, I have been known to slip into a Malaysian or Nigerian accent without being aware of it much to the amusement of the company I was in. The latter actually happened first at work!

Anyway, enough about work, the weekend is here! I’m going to try making these easy peasy looking cookies for teatime tomorrow and having a little giggle over this clip about people changing the way they speak. And maybe I’ll be doing a little of this too:

Calvin & Hobbes, Spring | from Daily Calvin & Hobbes on Facebook

Calvin & Hobbes, Spring | from Daily Calvin & Hobbes on Facebook

Do you find that the way you speak changes in different environments? Do you enjoy listening to and/or speaking different languages? What are your plans for the weekend? And dare I ask… what season would you say is in your part of the world at the moment?


16 thoughts on “Ha-ha-happy Friday :)

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  2. hahahaaa 😉 The comment made me LOL! Yes; I just wrote lol. My English is not as clever as that of whoever sent you the comment 😉

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  4. yay calvin & hobbes! i wonder what you think is the accent of Jinx in the new Gi Joe movie. it’s extremely weird

  5. Ha ha, I think you’ll know I laughed at that cartoon! And I’ve been told by my (English) other half that when I’m on the phone to friends and family in Scotland, my Scottish accent becomes much stronger. When we actually travel up there, I’m pretty sure he can barely understand me for the first few hours!

    • I can imagine. It’s funny how our accents “acclimatise”. Which part of Scotland are you from? I haven’t actually visited Scotland so I suspect my ease at understanding the various accents has something to do with hearing them in the London context, while some people I know say the Glaswegian accent is the most difficult to understand lol!
      I hope the weather is less like the cartoon for you now. We had lovely sunshine over the weekend, but they’re predicting strong winds and showers again…ah well…

      • I’m from Perthshire – so an east coast accent rather than a west coast one (like Glaswegian!) East coast accents tend to be softer and more ‘lilting’. Whereas west coast can be stronger and sometimes harder to understand!

  6. oh definitely. I was born and lived til I was 6 in western-norway, before I moved to the north. Then I moved to eastern-Norway, so I have like 3 different dialects that I can change between. Sometimes it get`s a bit weird if I`m with people I ususally use different dialects with, then it all get messed up:-P I also do a posh British Accent;-)

    • Yes, I heard about the complexities of the Norwegian accents. Some people say they are almost like different languages! I’d love to hear your posh British accent hehe 🙂

  7. My 20 year old daughter is always being mistaken for an American. (She is born and bred in Newcastle) I think it’s all the years of watching episodes of Friends. And I will be spending the weekend at work being a Viking and training dragons as we are celebrating St Georges day. Hope the cookies work out and taste good 🙂

    • I remember a time in my distant past when I first came into close contact with Americans and tried to imitate their accent. I’d be embarrassed to have heard myself now. It’s not a simple feat for a Brit to adopt a convincing American accent in my experience of all the bad accents I’ve heard since! Your daughter’s obviously got a good ear for accents 🙂
      I hope the dragons are still behaving themselves now that St Georges day has passed…

  8. I was raised by German imigrants in Quebec and when I’m tired I have been known to speak with various accents or just switch languages all together. Just the other day when I was telling a story about Quebec a co-worker said I was speaking with a French accent!

    Technically it’s spring here but it presents as a mild winter day!

    • Wow Diana! That’s so fun. So what would you say was your mother tongue? (I don’t know if you use that term in Canada?) Which was your first language?
      I hope that spring has finally sprung.. it sounded quite hopeful last time you mentioned the temps…

      • German. I learned English when I went to school and french by hanging out with french kids, but English is my primary language now.

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