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International Women’s Day – Google Doodle


International Women's Day - Google Doodle

Happy International Women’s Day!

I don’t know whether you feel there is a lot to celebrate with regard to women’s standing in society where you are. In recent news, it has become all too apparent that in terms of equal rights, women do not enjoy the same status as other women all over the world, let alone the same status as men. Incidentally, let us also not forget the men. To my understanding, feminism is not about treading men underfoot, far from it.

Here are a couple of articles that caught my eye in today’s news videos that just go to show how important it is, that we don’t work separately but together, towards resolving all the issues we face:

I hope you don’t think I’m sharing these links flippantly, they are actually some issues I care about immensely that I do not wish to write about on the blog at the moment. Despite the effectiveness with which many people tackle deep and difficult issues online, it’s not something I can devote time and energy to doing properly right now.

Are you celebrating International Women’s Day? In the UK, it is followed directly by Mothering Sunday. Recently, I asked my mum to tell me a potted history of her life. I’ve listened, enchanted, to many stories over the years but this was the first time she told me some of the details and in one sitting. I have to say I am in even more admiration of her than I was before. She is a much more courageous woman than I have ever realised. I guess that I have been blessed with some very humble, inspiring and generous women in my life who have won out in spite of their circumstances. Who are (or have been) the important women in your life?

Weather Forecast London

Weather Forecast London

I have the news on right now. Emily Maitlis just handed over to the weatherman with the words “honestly, it looks revolting”. Nuff said. Hope you have some inner sunshine reserves for the weekend, even if it’s horrible, rainy, cloudy and cold outside.


4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – Google Doodle

  1. Now I do like the Norwegian Girl’s comment… good question…

  2. In Norway they`re complaining about how too many women are working part time, and how family time isn`t worth anything compared to that of a paycheck. Sometimes I think things have gone too far. Isn`t equal rights supposed to be about people having equal rights to do what the want to do? Not being forced to be a careermom when you don`t really want that lifestyle?

    anyway, just some ideas I`ve been thinking of. Happy woman`s day! btw, do you think if someone created a Man`s day, it would be considered discriminating? Just a thought…

    • I have no objections to a Man’s day whatsoever. Surely that would be inclusive rather than discriminating – just like we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

      I do envy countries where it is more acceptable for women to work part time or to stay at home full time. There was some interesting discussion in relation to this on International Women’s Day because the Govt was talking about fertility treatment possibly being extended in the UK. The point was raised that “young” women are under pressure to work and delay having children thus causing an increasing demand for fertility treatment – the Govt is only treating the symptoms and not the cause. Argh big discussion! Haha I’m starting a separate post in the comments 😛

      In short I think family life is priceless. You can’t put a value on it. And I wonder how much the pay value would be on a parent’s role (seeing as a father can also stay home)? I’m surprised at that complaint coming from one of the most prosperous countries in the world – perhaps this lifestyle contributes to Norway’s success! :O

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