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Google doodle for LU 150 years

Googling somewhere are we?


Happy 150th birthday to London Underground. From Google:

Google doodle for LU 150 years

I love the London Tube map with its continuous evolution based on the original by Harry Beck and many Londoners do feel strongly about it. Not that long ago, when they tried removing the river image there was outrage. What a relief therefore, that Google has done a pretty good job of it!

The doodle only appeared on the UK search page but there is now an archived version on the doodles site!


10 thoughts on “Googling somewhere are we?

  1. I love how Google change their logo all the time. Wow can you imagine being on their creative team that would be a job!

  2. This was a timely post for me, having just returned from three weeks in Britain (8 days in London). In fact I missed the 150 years by one day! I followed through from your links and learned about te history. Amazing stuff.

    • Thank you for dropping by and commenting Elizabeth! I hope you enjoyed your visit to Britain, the weather wasn’t particularly exciting, but I hope you got to do everything you hoped to do!
      I have since found an even better link if you like the history of maps by any chance. I’ve updated the link from the words “Tube map”. It’s a real treasure trove!

      • Thanks. i really enjoyed the link.
        Are you are a Londoner?

      • You’re most welcome, glad to hear it! I’d say I’m a Londoner, yes:) How about you?

      • No I live in Tasmania, Australia. However, I spent 18 months in London 35 years ago and loved it. It immediately felt at ease there. So in some ways I felt this trip was going ‘home’.
        The atmosphere in London had not changed all that much. It was still refreshingly ‘British’ with its own identity and had not been swallowed up with the generic ‘western-culture’ branding that permeates elsewhere. Great to see!

      • Oh I’m so glad you were still able to feel at home in London after so many years! It’s great that you enjoyed your visit.
        I hope that everything in Tasmania is ok with you though – we’ve been watching the news here about the terrifying bush fires that have been affecting your area 😦

      • Yes, it was terrible about bush-fires. They have settled now and the weather has cooled down a bit .

      • I’m glad to hear it. News items lose their newsworthiness so quickly these days, something saturates the airwaves for a few days and then completely disappears. You have no idea what happens after that.
        Hope things recover quickly for everyone affected.

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