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A mindful, grateful, creative life: Life constantly hurls lemons at us. I’m on a mission to make lemonade as best I can, by God’s grace.

Strange goings on… an update


Apologies for the delay in getting to the bottom of something I meant to investigate a little while ago – I’m flummoxed. Well, it was actually less than a month ago but perhaps memories of mosquitoes and warm weather have tricked my brain into thinking I spotted the strange flying thing sometime in the summer.

Regrettably I have not discovered yet, what the creature is that I photographed, so as promised I am supplying a clearer image – anyone out there recognise this and can enlighten me?

What On Earth?

I’ve made too many clicks on thumbnails of insects only to bombard myself with large detailed photographs of too-much-larger-than-life creepy crawlies that do not match up. Sorry to do this to you (kind of) 😛 I was compelled to share the WOW moment with you – doesn’t this look like an insect in fancy dress?


13 thoughts on “Strange goings on… an update

  1. That is some fancy hat he is wearing!

  2. Hi hi lemons, I’ve nominated your blog for the’ Blog of the Year’ 2012 Award! Please check out the details here Happy Christmas my friend! Xoxo

  3. no …. NO …. I do not like it. I’m scared (smiles).

  4. That is the most aweful bug I have ever seen!! I do not like bugs and the picture of this one reminds me of a huge one that got stuck on my window screen in my room (on the outside) and died and so his dead shell is still stuck there for me to see. It is terrible! I say kill it then find out what it’s name is! =)

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