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FF: Fashion {04 Cosy Charcoals}


A fun fashion post is long overdue as is a clothes shopping trip! We had our first snow of winter 2012 this week in London and I’ve been craving greys again in the cold weather.

I love warming greys in winter. Black is a little too austere, but greys are soft and snuggly. Charcoal knits simply cocoon you in cosiness when the pavements are frosty and the sharp winds chafe at your cheeks.

It’s not that cold yet, so a pair of courts/pumps are still perfectly appropriate (although I’d prefer flats in this style), but I am in the market for a good pair of boots and I’m thinking of replacing my tatty boot cut jeans with a new skinny pair. I haven’t braved that style transition yet. Yes, I know I’m a few years late, but I am notoriously lazy when it comes to actually buying new clothes.

I like to browse seasonal trends, window shop, walk around feeling all the fabrics, oohing at all the colours and textures… I just keep my purse tightly closed. Ha! No, I have not been spending my share to get us out of the recession, that’s quite clear from the chancellor’s Autumn Statement this week. My bad.

(Maybe I should think like Starbucks and make a donation to the Government in compensation for my tightfistedness! Their latest “extraordinary” move is rather mind boggling. Nevermind, Costa and even Pret have sofas these days and serve rather more decent coffee. Starbucks’ tax affairs have no bearing on why I haven’t visited in a long long time, so their limping U-turn is not about to drag me back. Still, I’d love to find a favourite independent caffeine haunt in which to wrap my frozen hands around a liquid hand warmer.)

So, what are your clothes shopping habits? Does it get very cold where you are? What are your favourite colours to wear in winter? Do tell all 🙂


6 thoughts on “FF: Fashion {04 Cosy Charcoals}

  1. I live in Canada and the colour gray is a big part of my wardrobe in the winter. Charcoal kniots are most certainly cocooning!!

  2. aw, how lovely! Norway really is a beautiful and nice country, though a bit too expensive for my taste! I do 90% of my clothes shopping on Gran Canary! You should definetly buy a down jacket for cold winters. They`re often a bit expensive, but if you buy a quality item it will last you for years. I bought mine 3-4 winters ago, and it still looks new! only thing is, it`s a bit too big for me now, but I guess it`ll do for now. Are you a Londoner? I love London! though, only been there once, about 6 years ago, but I really liked it! hoping to visit in the near future!

    • Yes I am a Londoner and yes, Norway is very expensive. Therefore I think that the chance of you revisiting London will come sooner than my dream of revisiting Norway unfortunately 😛 You are most welcome anytime 🙂

  3. Hi! I live in Norway, where it is as you might imagine, quite cold. though I often have to use a raspberry coloured down jacket when entering the cold outside, I like to wear pretty clothes underneath. I`ve often though that I use to much black clothes during wintertime, so this year I`ve started to use more pastells combined with brown and navy blue.

    • Hi there! I have been to Norway once and it has become my favourite country. I hope that I will be able to visit again! I love the idea of your raspberry coloured coat. I’ve been wondering whether or not to get a down jacket myself as there have been some lovely lightweight and colourful ones here that I heard are also quite warm.
      Yes, you should go for more pastels! I think they would look very cheerful against a snowy background and in the Norwegian light 🙂

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